We must travel on..

I am in Dharwad. From past two days I’ve had the chance to see and understand many places here. Visit the vast – 1000 acre – agricultural lands of University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) where the students  are experimenting with their crops, the PepsiCo production unit, savoring the calm winds on the Someshwar lake, playing with Amodini – daughter of my friend Veer.

The agenda of my travel to Dharwad was to meet and understand Veer, then plan, research about our new business venture. Did that and also had a meal of deliciously spicy Jolada Rotti with my wife at the Khanavali. While reflecting on this travel, this printed quote that was sticked on one of Veer’s vintage wardrobe sticks. Sharing with you

Creative commons photo - https://www.flickr.com/photos/giuseppemilo/
Creative commons photo – https://www.flickr.com/photos/giuseppemilo/

“Every great journey, whether an attempt to scale a mountain or to awaken the spirit, calls for great courage and steadfastness. To bring to realisation, any significant quest or possibilities in our lives we need to call upon deep inner resources of fearlessness, dedication and perseverance. In every great journey we enter into unfamiliar territory and inevitably, doubt and uncertainty will be at least occasional companions in our travels. Yet we must travel on….

– Anonymous”

Review 2015 and setting goals for 2016

This year is one of the best years of my life. On many counts. Firstly, I got married, Secondly – I started a business,  the list goes on… Setting goals for 2015 was an impulsive decision, yet a great one. I am convinced more than ever to do this list and be clear about what I want. Listing down your goals allows you to give yourself a reality check on – what you are doing vs what you said you want to do. At the same time, making the list public is like sending a message to the universe – ‘Hey, here’s the thing. Now make arrangements to get this done’ . Interestingly I get this weird feeling that, whenever I am perfectly certain of what I want and tell it out loud, I get it.

Setting goals is exciting. I love it! It is an empowering feeling to be able make all the things in the list a reality.  But, before getting into that, a review of my goals for 2015.

Goals 2015 Review Summary

A successful 2015 was mine. But I did a bad job of working on all of my goals. Hence I am hoping this review will give me a understanding of my aspirations.

  1. Writing:  I will publish 100 articles on my blog in the next 52 weeks.
    Achieved – 10% (Published only 10 posts)
    For 2016 – I intend to publish a post everyday. Its that important to me!
  2. Making videos:  I will publish 10 videos in 52 weeks on my youtube channel.
    Achieved – 0%
    For 2016 – Reducing the goal to 5 videos
  3. Reading: Read 20 books in 52 weeks
    Achieved – 10% (Read only 2 books)
    For 2016 – Though it pains, but I am reducing the number to 12 books in 2016 
  4. Business: Start and run a profitable business
    Achieved – 50% (Started a business. Making it profitable is remaining ;))
    For 2016 – Make this profitable
  5. Education: Complete the first draft of a book in 52 weeks
  6. Achieved – 5% (Started a draft, but no where near completion)
    For 2016 – Complete the first draft
  7. Travel: Travel 1 foreign country, 5 states apart from Karnataka, at least 10 districts in Karnataka in the next 52 weeks.
    Achieved – 75% (3/5 states, 8/10 districts, no foreign country)
    For 2016 – Will remain the same
  8. Music:  Compose a song by end of 52 weeks
    Achieved – 0%
    For 2016 – Striking this off the list for 2016. Probably some time later.
  9. Money: Save up an amount of Rs 20lakhs at end of 52 weeks.
    Achieved – 5% (Saved up 1 Lakh)
    For 2016 – Reducing the target to 10lakhs

So here goes my report card and the great feeling of sharing it. I am still working on my goals for 2016. So once they are refined (sometime by next week) I will publish them.

Wishing you an amazing year ahead!


Moments are beautiful and blessed.

While you let go of your previous blessing: the previous moment you give room for the new moment, the new blessing. And in that lies the abundance. The feeling of enough. The feeling of gratitude.

Pray(Creative commons photo by J3SSL33)


Breathe and stay blessed

Aim of life

Sometimes in those rare occasions you feel that there is a sort of flow, a sort of path in which everything done seems right. With every action you feel light. And over a period of time identifying these and doing more of them seems to be right now what feels like the aim of life.

What do you think?

That one sure shot way to bond

…  , to build a real relationship with a person is by helping her. Helping her when its truly necessary. Helping her when its hard to help. Helping her when you know there is nobody to help.

Then, when you help her the way she sees you changes for ever.

You build a bond.

My friend Pramod Ganapathi

I consider it my good fortune that I had the privilege of being with Pramod Ganapati.

In college, he was weird. Nobody liked him. He attended the class while every other classmate tried to convince him to bunk. He had an old cycle that he would call hayabusa and ride it around.

Everything changed around him yet he didn’t. Nowadays when we friends meet and talk about him we always have a good time. We just love him. And I’ve tried to understand why so? Why is that we initially felt he was weird and then we all loved him?

His unparalleled authenticity.

This has inspired me in ways that are profound and lasting. I love him and am very grateful for he being in my life.

You definitely must read his blogs at thoughtsofpramod.wordpress.com

Please let me know how I can help you in your grand plans about your life. Good luck! Love you.

Creating life

The act of creating is what makes everything worthwhile. When that artist looks for the part of her that yearns to manifest, she finds her resistance shows up to stop her. To give her reasons why it isn’t important. To convince her that it’s not going to matter. To conclude that it’s not going to change the world. So why bother?

Many stop. But she doesn’t. Because to her the act of creating mattered, not the result. To her, the part where she gets to share her life mattered. And this way she starts creating life!

That special day

Life is chaotic and messy. It needs cleaning. More you delay the cleaning, more difficult it gets to clean up.

I have been waiting long enough, so that my life to be clean, my head less burdened, so that I can peacefully write regularly here. Some day in the future.

special_day(Creative commons photo by Mike)

I hear these statements a lot – both from myself and my friends around that –

  • This birthday I will quit smoking
  • Next vacation I will take time to have that special moment to make that right conversation to get things right with my dad.
  • From next month I will start eating good food.

That special day never comes. It is never going to come. We have to make the stand today about what we need and stay committed to what is important.

Whatever reason you have for postponing what you want to do is just a lie.

So throw your lie into the dustbin and take action. Now.

Following my rolemodel

How are your opinions formed? Your facebook wall, your childhood, your teachers, the books you read etc., Let’s call them experiences. The experiences you have had determine your opinions. But then, for a given experience, say something like listening to Seth Godin speak might bring in a different change in me than how it changes you. I might form a slightly different opinion about something he said (based on how I think already) compared to you. Point is – opinions and the way people think is complex.

Hence I conclude that there is no way you can think exactly like any other person. Thinking leads to opinions. So how is it that you could always agree on everything someone else does?

Religion, Politics, Sports are some dimensions that are extremely close to our hearts. Day in day out, I see that if you are for A, then everything that A is doing is right and B who is opposite to A is wrong no matter what. That is impossible.

It is possible that you prefer A over B, but it is impossible that there is no single attribute of B that you like and of A you dislike.

When the line that you draw is gray, why do you want to make it black or white?

Can you be courageous enough to let your own inner voice take the call? To let it see things as is and then form an opinion?


A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages. Yet he dismisses without notice his thought, because it is his. In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts: they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty. Great works of art have no more affecting lesson for us than this. They teach us to abide by our spontaneous impression with good-humored inflexibility then most when the whole cry of voices is on the other side. Else, to-morrow a stranger will say with masterly good sense precisely what we have thought and felt all the time, and we shall be forced to take with shame our own opinion from another.

– part of Self Reliance, an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson


May review of my 2015 goals

The two best things about reviewing your own goals are

  • It means the goals that you set some time ago are still important
  • It is an amazing opportunity to put checks on the goals that are completed and at the same time gives you a good idea on what changes need to be made.

Exactly 5 months ago, on December 14, 2014 I had set my goals for 2015. This post will serve as a review of all the list of goals.

Goal 1:
Writing: Publish 100 articles on my blog in the next 52 weeks.
Progress: 4/100
Percentage progress: 4%
My comment : Very behind, need to write more often.

Goal 2:
Making videos: Publish 10 videos in 52 weeks on my youtube channel.
Progress: 0/10
Percentage progress: 0%
My comment : Not started yet. I know, very bad. But I’m confident I will do this!

Goal 3:
Reading: Read 20 books in 52 weeks
Progress: 0/20
Percentage progress : 0%
My comment : This doesn’t mean I don’t read. I read often. Since what I read is mostly non-fiction, I read multiple books.

Goal 4:
Business: Start and run a profitable business
Percentage progress : 20% (50% for starting and 50% for making it profitable; 20% means I am still 30% behind of starting one)
My comment : I am working on starting a business. Me and couple of my friends have set up a small office. We are in the process of registering it. More details on it soon.

Goal 5:
Education: Learning and teaching excites. I have been having this idea of writing a book about programming. But have not made effort to really write it. Goal is to complete the first draft in 52 weeks
Percentage progress : 5%
My comment : On a daily basis, I am working with a couple of students interested in learning programming and experimenting on my techniques. It going well.

Goal 6:
Travel: Travel 1 foreign country, 5 states apart from Karnataka, at least 10 districts in Karnataka in the next 52 weeks.
0/1 (Foreign country)
1/5 (5 states outside Karnataka) – Uttar Pradesh
6/10 (10 districts in Karnataka) – Shimoga (Thirtahalli), Belgaum (Gokak, Hukkeri), Dharwad (Dharwad, Hubli), Chickamagalur, Mysore
Percentage progress : 43%
My comment : Decent progress 😛

Goal 7:
Music: I love music and somehow feel that I could create great music.
My declaration: Compose a song by end of 52 weeks
Progress: None
Percentage progress: 0%
My comment: This is so important to me and I have not put any effort in this direction. So makes sense that I have listed this as a goal and reviewing it!

Goal 8:
Money: Save up an amount of Rs 20lakhs at end of 52 weeks.
Progress: 1/20
Percentage progress: 5%
My comment: Long way to go. Pray for me. If I reach the goal, I’ll treat anyone who asks me for one 😉

Overall impression of the review: There is progress. But not as much I would have liked. However feeling myself to be on the positive side.

… And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it
– Paulo Coelho