Declaring my goals for the next year


Couple of days after I quit my job, couple of years ago, I said I want to live a life without goals. I tried it and it did not work. It actually would have worked I guess. The correct statement would be – I did not make it work. It turned out be an unfulfilling venture. But, hey, in my defense I learnt many things about myself, like they talk about discovering yourself and stuff. My breakthrough learning about myself was that I didn’t like getting committed to anything. I confused living without goals for not being committed to something. Given my extremely high ambitions I couldn’t stick to something deciding that I am missing out on other things. Not sticking to something long enough kept me hanging and always in the waiting mode for the next better thing to do. People around me observed it. They tried telling but I wouldn’t listen.

And then it is today..

Without commitment there is no contribution. Without reaching the end of what you said you would there is no point in talking about success or failure. So today I declare. I declare what I am going to do for the next 365 days what specific things that I am going to produce. Think of this like the annual goal setting exercise except that this is a lot more personal. I am going to try to make this a list of things that are important to me.

I am scared that I am doing this in public. It makes me accountable, yet powerful!

Here is my specific ambitious yet achievable list –

  1. Writing: Given I am my best critic, this is known to grow me, known to challenge me. The best of successful people are writers. Writing clarifies thoughts. It clarifies life. Simplifies life. Helps you become a good communicator. You are better equipped at listening to people. Irony is that knowing all these advantages has not helped me write enough.
    So my declaration: I will publish 100 articles on my blog in the next 52 weeks.
  2. Making videos: The art of crafting, editing, bringing together music with the images and videos. It really excites me. My knowing of it exciting me has made no difference.
    So my declaration: I will publish 10 videos in 52 weeks on my youtube channel.
  3. Reading: I am a slow reader. Attention span has drastically reduced. Not doing much of reading. How about I become a cause in it and read?
    So my declaration: Read 20 books in 52 weeks
  4. Business: This is something that I have been avoiding to start for no reason.
    So my declaration: Start and run a profitable business
  5. Education: Learning and teaching excites. I have been having this idea of writing a book about programming. But have not made effort to really write it.
    My declaration: Complete the first draft in 52 weeks
  6. Travel: This is something that I have not done enough.
    My declaration: Travel 1 foreign country, 5 states apart from Karnataka, at least 10 districts in Karnataka in the next 52 weeks.
  7. Music: I love music and somehow feel that I could create great music.
    My declaration: Compose a song by end of 52 weeks
  8. Money: Though money is idealized as something that is worldly-kind and all, but right now I feel I don’t have enough of it and it is something that I need. I need it so that I can stop worrying about it.
    My declaration: Save up an amount of Rs 20lakhs at end of 52 weeks.

Huff, this looks like a lot of things to achieve this next year. And this list I must say, is not a try list, it is the list which is going to dictate my life. No matter what. I repeat, no matter what!

Hereby, I declare.

And the universe is saying – so be it!

6 thoughts on “Declaring my goals for the next year

  1. It must have took you a great deal of courage to commit publicly! All the best for your goals and hope you learn a great deal in achieving all of them.

  2. Its sounds good to know you arrived at making plans, initially i am also attempted many problems without proper planning. defining objective sounds clear

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