My friend Pramod Ganapathi

I consider it my good fortune that I had the privilege of being with Pramod Ganapati.

In college, he was weird. Nobody liked him. He attended the class while every other classmate tried to convince him to bunk. He had an old cycle that he would call hayabusa and ride it around.

Everything changed around him yet he didn’t. Nowadays when we friends meet and talk about him we always have a good time. We just love him. And I’ve tried to understand why so? Why is that we initially felt he was weird and then we all loved him?

His unparalleled authenticity.

This has inspired me in ways that are profound and lasting. I love him and am very grateful for he being in my life.

You definitely must read his blogs at

Please let me know how I can help you in your grand plans about your life. Good luck! Love you.

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