Review 2015 and setting goals for 2016

This year is one of the best years of my life. On many counts. Firstly, I got married, Secondly – I started a business,  the list goes on… Setting goals for 2015 was an impulsive decision, yet a great one. I am convinced more than ever to do this list and be clear about what I want. Listing down your goals allows you to give yourself a reality check on – what you are doing vs what you said you want to do. At the same time, making the list public is like sending a message to the universe – ‘Hey, here’s the thing. Now make arrangements to get this done’ . Interestingly I get this weird feeling that, whenever I am perfectly certain of what I want and tell it out loud, I get it.

Setting goals is exciting. I love it! It is an empowering feeling to be able make all the things in the list a reality.  But, before getting into that, a review of my goals for 2015.

Goals 2015 Review Summary

A successful 2015 was mine. But I did a bad job of working on all of my goals. Hence I am hoping this review will give me a understanding of my aspirations.

  1. Writing:  I will publish 100 articles on my blog in the next 52 weeks.
    Achieved – 10% (Published only 10 posts)
    For 2016 – I intend to publish a post everyday. Its that important to me!
  2. Making videos:  I will publish 10 videos in 52 weeks on my youtube channel.
    Achieved – 0%
    For 2016 – Reducing the goal to 5 videos
  3. Reading: Read 20 books in 52 weeks
    Achieved – 10% (Read only 2 books)
    For 2016 – Though it pains, but I am reducing the number to 12 books in 2016 
  4. Business: Start and run a profitable business
    Achieved – 50% (Started a business. Making it profitable is remaining ;))
    For 2016 – Make this profitable
  5. Education: Complete the first draft of a book in 52 weeks
  6. Achieved – 5% (Started a draft, but no where near completion)
    For 2016 – Complete the first draft
  7. Travel: Travel 1 foreign country, 5 states apart from Karnataka, at least 10 districts in Karnataka in the next 52 weeks.
    Achieved – 75% (3/5 states, 8/10 districts, no foreign country)
    For 2016 – Will remain the same
  8. Music:  Compose a song by end of 52 weeks
    Achieved – 0%
    For 2016 – Striking this off the list for 2016. Probably some time later.
  9. Money: Save up an amount of Rs 20lakhs at end of 52 weeks.
    Achieved – 5% (Saved up 1 Lakh)
    For 2016 – Reducing the target to 10lakhs

So here goes my report card and the great feeling of sharing it. I am still working on my goals for 2016. So once they are refined (sometime by next week) I will publish them.

Wishing you an amazing year ahead!

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