That special day

Life is chaotic and messy. It needs cleaning. More you delay the cleaning, more difficult it gets to clean up.

I have been waiting long enough, so that my life to be clean, my head less burdened, so that I can peacefully write regularly here. Some day in the future.

special_day(Creative commons photo by Mike)

I hear these statements a lot – both from myself and my friends around that –

  • This birthday I will quit smoking
  • Next vacation I will take time to have that special moment to make that right conversation to get things right with my dad.
  • From next month I will start eating good food.

That special day never comes. It is never going to come. We have to make the stand today about what we need and stay committed to what is important.

Whatever reason you have for postponing what you want to do is just a lie.

So throw your lie into the dustbin and take action. Now.

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