We must travel on..

I am in Dharwad. From past two days I’ve had the chance to see and understand many places here. Visit the vast – 1000 acre – agricultural lands of University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) where the students  are experimenting with their crops, the PepsiCo production unit, savoring the calm winds on the Someshwar lake, playing with Amodini – daughter of my friend Veer.

The agenda of my travel to Dharwad was to meet and understand Veer, then plan, research about our new business venture. Did that and also had a meal of deliciously spicy Jolada Rotti with my wife at the Khanavali. While reflecting on this travel, this printed quote that was sticked on one of Veer’s vintage wardrobe sticks. Sharing with you

Creative commons photo - https://www.flickr.com/photos/giuseppemilo/
Creative commons photo – https://www.flickr.com/photos/giuseppemilo/

“Every great journey, whether an attempt to scale a mountain or to awaken the spirit, calls for great courage and steadfastness. To bring to realisation, any significant quest or possibilities in our lives we need to call upon deep inner resources of fearlessness, dedication and perseverance. In every great journey we enter into unfamiliar territory and inevitably, doubt and uncertainty will be at least occasional companions in our travels. Yet we must travel on….

– Anonymous”

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